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Quality Assurance
Our Laborities are well equipped with instrumentation and are manned by qualified and highly experienced staff. They function round the clock in three shifts and render full support to plant operations.

Stage wise inprocess sampling and testing is carried out to assure that the process is always within the prescribed parameters.

Sample of end product are frequently and continuously drawn and tested rigidly for all properties viz bleachibility, acidic properties, water content, particle size distribution and filtration properties, oil retention, peroxide value etc.


This is the most important property in the manufacture of GOODEARTH Activated Clays and the object is to obtain as high and as constant a bleaching activity of each type. For determination of bleaching activity, a standard oil is bleached with a standard Bleaching Earth and our GOODEARTH sample to be checked against it. The colour of both bleached oils are compared colorimetrically with each other. The colour determinations are done in a Lovibond Tintometer and only known samples which surpass the high bleachibility limits fixed by us are earmarked for marketing.




Acidic Properties
The acidic properties are controlled during the washing operation in the plant. pH readings are taken on the spot by mobile pocket pH meters, than sample of supernatant water is taken to the laboratory and pH meter with a pH resulotion of 0.001. The residual acidity is determined side by side titrimetrically. With repeated washings of the filter cake prior to drying, the GOODEARTH Bleaching Earths show a content of free mineral acid well below 0.1%


Water Content
Samples are tested for water content on a sophisticated quick determination electronic moisture analyzer, which gives automatic reading of percentage moisture content in 4-5 minutes time.

The water content of our Bleaching Earth ranges according to grades which is carefully monitored to ensure constant levels for each delivery.




Particle Size Distribution & Filtration Properties
The particle size distribution of our Bleaching Earths is checkdf on standardised sieves of various dimensions viz 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 250 mesh & 325 mesh. The aim is to attain a precisely defined particle size distribution in order to ensure optimum filtration rate and low oil retention.

The rate of filtration is determined according to standard method by measuring the time,a set quantity of a Bleaching Earth/Oil suspension needs for filtration.




Oil Retention
It has been defined as the adsorption of oil by Bleaching Earth under standard conditions. It depends upon the degree of activation and above all on particle size distribution. Inspite of high activation of our earths, the oil retention is low and very satisfactory.




PerOxide Value
The quality of edible oils directly depend on the quantity of oxygen adsorbed (mostly from air). The peroxides render the oil unstable and affect their shelf life. It is an unwanted ingredient.

Bleaching Earth play an important role in refining of oils from peroxides. Our Highly Activated Bleaching Earths when used in bleaching operation show a high percentage of reduction in peroxide value giving up to as low as 0.2 peroxide value. Our batches of Bleaching Earths are constantly tested for peroxide value side by side with a standard foreign brand for comparison and we find that in our case that the reduction in peroxide value is greater than the foreign one.




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