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Company Profile
Phoenix Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd, manufacturers of GOODEARTH, Highly Activated Bleaching Earths, commenced commercial production in the year 1991. The company based in Karachi owns two manufacturing units, one situated in the Hub Industrial Estate Lasbela 30 km from Karachi and the other at Sheikhupura near Lahore with total production capacity of 12000 tons per annum

The main objective of the company is to manufacture Highly Activated Bleaching Earth suitable for bleaching, refining and de-colourization of animal & vegetable oils, fats, industrial and mineral oils and lubricants from indigenous raw materials. The various grades so produced are of international standard and are in use since last ten years by all national and multi-national companies and commands 90% of the market share. It is the only Pakistani Activated Bleaching Earth (Fullers Earth) which is being exported in several South-Asian countries and the Middle East.

The company owns Bentonite mines in the North West Frontier Province and is thus assured of uninterrupted supply of raw materials. The company is professionally managed and employs more than 200 personnel. Our Quality Control department is geared up and determined to provide and maintain impeccable levels of quality in respect of all key properties of Activated Bleaching Earth, spearheaded by the ultra high bleachibilty performance.





Message from the Chief Executive
Phoenix Chemicals Pvt Limited is a leading manufacturer of GOODEARTH brand activated bleaching earth and fullers earth and is committed to provide quality bleaching earths to its valuable customers around the globe. Our customers have been, are and will be our greatest asset, therefore every step is taken to ensure customer satisfaction. From extraction of raw Bentonite from our own mines till the packing of the final product, every step is closely monitored by our Quality control team to ensure that standards which are set, are also met. Our plants also possess the flexibility to produce earths with customized requirements for a customer, incase the need arises. In short, I, as a person, and on behalf of , assure you of our full co-operation at all times, should you give us a chance. 

Yours Truly,
Noor Mohammad Hashim




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